Millennial’s Confusion: PayDay Loans Are Not Debts

A recent study has found a surprising fact regarding college students and their views on credit cards and payday loans. They do not consider credit cards and payday debts. That means that they are not considered something, which must be paid back.  Understanding the financial challenges that are being faced by millennials we can easily understand why they are turning to these sources of credit and fast cash.  However, the issue it does bring up the negative effect that thinking can produce extremely concern.

Why Students Are Turning to PayDay Loans

It’s no secret that continuing education is extremely expensive when considering the cost of everything that is necessary it makes sense that our students would need to find a way to get extra cash.  Unfortunately, if not handled in a mature, responsible manner this quick cash that seemed to be the answer to your prayers can become a financial nightmare that seems like it will never end.

Quick loans can and will become very dangerous when not taken seriously and there should never be a thought process where not paying the loan back is acceptable.  Understandably and rightfully so, quick loan companies have been made to answer for their questionable practices, however, there are companies that are honest and follow the strict letters of the law.  If you are thinking about applying for a loan visit loan 2 payday you are guaranteed to be treated fairly.

Consequences of Students Faulty Thinking

OK millennials listen in!  This is important information so pay attention.  You must understand that when you are applying for a quick cash loan and are approved that you are entering a legally binding contract that will have damaging consequences if you fail to pay it back according to the agreement.  Not paying back this type or any other type of loan for that matter will bring your credit score down.

Now, maybe at this point in your life your score does not seem like such a big deal, but it is guaranteed that it will matter to you at some point in your life, such as when you are starting a family and want to buy a home, or need to take a business loan to start a new business, or when you want to buy a new car, I can go on and on.  The point is stopping thinking just about the here and now and makes decisions that will benefit you in the future.  If you can’t afford something that is not a necessity (food, clothes) then you learn to do without it until you can afford it.  Now if you know that you will be able to pay back your loan without any issues then that’s fine, but taking out a loan knowing you can’t or not intending to pay it back is a recipe for disaster.

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