In the UK, various insurance companies offer professional Indemnity insurance cover for businesses who render professional services. Claims can be made against them for mistakes committed which might, in turn, lead to loss of money and also have a great impact on the business. When there is professional indemnity insurance cover, the business is assured of being covered in times of trouble. When a claim is issued to an insured business for mistakes committed, the insurance company supports the insured company and also pays compensation when the insured company is found to be guilty for the mistakes or errors committed. Many companies provide professional indemnity insurance services for various professions such as accountants, architects, business consultants, creative marketing and professional media practitioners and IT consultants. It is deemed compulsory for these professions to have a professional indemnity insurance cover.   Business owners can get direct quotes from insurance companies through their website. They advise companies to go through their terms and conditions and also go through their business insurance policy before deciding on the level of cover they prefer. Various questions will be asked and you can generate a quote for your profession.

Searching for insurance companies that offer cheap cover can be difficult but there are still companies in the insurance market that provide inexpensive professional indemnity insurance cover. There are companies who offer professional indemnity insurance cover for as little as 15,000 Euros. The cost of a professional indemnity insurance cover depends on many factors which include the rate of turnover of the company, the number of employees, your level of expertise and professionalism.         

Some companies charge as low as 78 Euros per year for legal claims per costs. Some companies provide other benefits for buying their insurance indemnity insurance cover, such as 10% off the purchase price when you buy online and the ability to choose your level of cover which can be up to 5 million Euros. Some insurance companies have their cover level at 50,000 Euros stretching to millions. Most insurance companies in the UK would prefer you to get quotes through their website as it is a quick process taking just a few minutes.  It is up to the business owner to choose the cover level they think they need.  Normally, insurance companies in the UK offer their professional indemnity insurance for a fee ranging from 50,000 Euros to 5,000,000 Euros.

Some insurance companies offer their professional indemnity insurance cover for consultants and contractors from the rate of $950. While going for cheap insurance cover, it important to ensure that it covers you and your professional services against all the business risks that you might encounter in the course of doing business. Websites like provide detailed information on professional indemnity insurance. It provides details concerning companies who need the insurance cover and also why you need it.